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Brexit Countdown:

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About Us

Conservative, Eurosceptic, Atlanticist

Welcome to Portcullis Magazine, previously known as The Moggpill. Inspired by, but not affiliated with, Jacob Rees Mogg MP. Established 2017.

Portcullis Magazine promotes a Conservative, Eurosceptic, Atlanticist political viewpoint, but is not affiliated with, nor seeks to actively promote, the British Conservative Party. Policy and principle will always take precedence over party loyalty.

Guest submissions under the following three categories are welcomed and will be considered on an individual basis: 

  • British Politics

  • American Politics

  • European Politics

Please note that we do not currently offer monetary renumeration for posts submitted to Portcullis Magazine. Posts should be submitted for consideration via Facebook.

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Meet the Team

Xander Edmonds,


Errant archaeologist, writer, and translator with a passion for politics, never truly escaped Cambridge.

James Kell,


History and Politics buff with a keen interest in Travel. 

Dr. R. D. McColl,

Culture Editor

Germany-based Academic.